Originally organized by Chuck Mitchell and Hanah Reed in 2009 to promote their store, The Rockit Roost, The Kustom Kulture Festival became a beloved local event that ran annually until 2014. 

A modern celebration of the ’50s and ’60s era of hot rods, pin ups, greasers, and rock ’n’ roll, over the years the festival featured every angle of the Kustom Kulture scene. As the festival grew, each event represented thousands of hours of work on the part of the organizers; their love of Kustom Kulture was evident in their tireless dedication to building and organizing this unique festival, year after year. 

Chuck and Hanah will always be honored for their contributions to the community, their fellow Kustom Kulture enthusiasts, and now, to the charities which will benefit from current and future events. 

Without them, this festival would not have been possible.

- Sarina Ames, Curator